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  Bottle Gourd  
FRESH-N-PURE � Aum Agri Freeze Foods
100 %Natural fruits
All Fruit, Vegetable & Herbal powders are made with fresh & pure ingredients and the powder output is 100% pure. We do not use any preservatives.
  Strawberry Powder
  Strawberry Powder is used in Squashes, Ice-creams, and a variety of Desserts
  To prepare Strawberry Jams and Jellies
  Blended with Vanilla, it would make a delicious Strawberry-Vanilla Milk Shake
  Blended with Vanilla, it would make a delicious Strawberry-Vanilla Milk Shake
  Sitafal Powder
  Sitafal Powder is used to enrich Bakery foods
  To make baby foods healthier and tastier
  In ice-creams and kulfis for that special flavour
  Sitafal Shake is prepared by mixing the powder and sugar with cold milk. Also used in making rabdi, thick shakes, creamy puddings, etc.
  Chikoo Powder
  Add vanilla flavour along with chikoo powder for a yummy chikoo ice-cream
  Add to sweetened cold milk, you can have your favorite chikoo shake all year round
  You can add chikoo powder to baby foods. The babies love it and it is healthy
  Pineapple Powder
  Can be added to fruit salads
  Pineapple pies, cakes, ice creams, yogurt, punches and other deserts can be prepared with ease
  Treat your family with healthy refreshing pineapple juice everyday
  Amla Powder
  Low Temperature Cold Dried amla is the main ingredient in herbal preparations, primarily chyawanprash, to enhance the antioxidant properties and Vitamin C content.
  Add to herbal tea, it gives a perfect blend of flavour and antioxidant benefits
  An Amla drink blended with mint leaves and topped with a lemon would make a refreshing cooler which would also assist digestion
  Tulsi Powder
  Tulsi powder is used in variety of herbal ayurvedic formulations. Tulsi herb is predominantly used in bronchitis and asthmatic medicines
  Tulsi, had in any form, acts as an appetizer and promotes digestion by helping in secretion of digestive enzymes
  Mix with olive oil, tomato puree and garlic to make a salad dressing
  Sprinkle over pizzas, roasted vegetables or tomato soup
  Add to tomato sauces for pasta
  Can be used in herbal supplements to harness numerous benefits of mint
  Prepare a mint-coriander chutney served with poha
  Mint is commonly used with peas, carrots, potatoes, eggplant, beans, and corn to pep up the flavor
  Add to Dahi with diced cucumbers for an ideal Raita Dip
  Sprinkle Mint onto green salads for added flavour
  Use the ginger powder in cooking for the added convinience
  Add to cake, biscuits and sponge puddings to give a warm sweet flavour
  Prepare a delightful ginger punch blending it with seasonal fruits
  Add ginger powder to your tea along with a small amount of tulsi
  Add Spinach powder to any of your preparations to enhance nutritional value
  Palak puree can be easily prepared using spinach powder for Palak Paneer
  Spinach based savories can be easily prepared like Chana Saag, Saag Murgh, Mutter Palak, Aloo Palak, Palak pulav, etc
  Karela is a blood purifier, activates spleen and liver. Add in food preparation to enhance the nutritional value
  Can be blended with spicy tomato juice for a tinge of bitter-sweet savor
  Can be mixed with soups and gravies. Karela is known to be highly beneficial for diabetics
  Flavour the oils for stir fries by adding one of two whole chillies in pre-heated oil for about a minute, then remove before adding your preparations.
  Add to Indian, Mexican and Thai dishes for heat and flavour
  Add Whole Chillies to pickles for extra bite and visual appeal
  Add to casseroles for a subtle curry spice flavour
  Add to lentils, soups and dals
  Add Methi Powder to any of your preparations to enhance nutritional value as it is known to lower blood pressure and LDL blood cholesterol levels in the body
  Methi is great in pickles
  Drumsticks are mainly used in curries, kormas, and dals
  Apart from that it also makes savory cutlets
  It imparts that special flavour to sambhars
  Drumsticks-aloo is a delightful preparation in Indian cuisine
  Highly useful in joint pains
  Bottle Gourd
  The Juice of this vegetable is known to have very high medicinal value. It controls blood cholesterol level and is used to treat stomach acidity, indigestion, and ulcers
  The juice is very beneficial if had after excessive consumption of fatty or fried food
  The juice is used for rehydration in case of diarrhea or diabetes
Bottle Gourd
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