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   Product Range and Its Application :  
Industry specific requirements necessitate varied requirements and applications. Mech Air's goal is to provide it with minimum cost and problems. Insulation of chamber from 80 mm to 150mm RPUF panels
  Control atmosphere storage
Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage is a process or system in which fresh perishable commodities such as certain fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and seeds, nuts and feed stocks are stored under narrowly defined environment conditions to extend the useful marketing period after harvest. This is achieved largely by attenuating the synthesis and action of the plant hormone ethylene, which is needed to initiate fruit ripening and plant organ senescence. CA storage helps in retention of visual quality (appearance) the most, followed by firmness retention. It also reduces surface scald, pulp browning and internal breakdown, and improved taste and shelf life. CA storage is useful in storage of fruits like Apple, Banana, Pears, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange etc. Also vegetables like Cabbage, Tomatoes, Onion, Okra (Ladyfinger), Potatoes, Cucumber, Cauliflower etc.
  Pre cooling chambers
Fast removal of field heat :
This is used for removing Farm heat from the crop, after it has been harvested, to increase the shelf life of the product. It requires pulling down product temperature from 30�C to -1�C, within a span of 4 hours.
  Fruit Ripening
High Humidity Forced Ripening Chambers, with special coil, is normally used for Banana/ Mango Ripening. The chambers have 5 day cycle period, Ethylene Generator, Ethylene sensors & CO2 sensors with integrated fans for exhaust.
  Low humidity chambers
This is useful for storage of Vegetable seeds, Vegetables & Dry Fruits. The Room Temp. ranges from +8�C to +20�C with a humidity from 30%-50% R.H. Our Fully Automatic system carries out both cooling & dehumidification, giving High cooling with Low power consumption. Axial Fans with streamers ensure more evenly distributed coverage over a larger area with uniform temperature and humidity.
You can monitor the control panel functions like power on, compressor on, cooling cycle on, heating cycle on, overload trip, HP & LP trip, Power supply trip, voltage & ampere indication as well. And with the use of RS-485 port Computer interface and continuous data monitoring is possible with our system
Specially designed air-flow path for uniform cooling, energy efficient compressors & fan motor, controlled low relative humidity, powerful refrigeration units with 10�C and 30%RH which can work without the help of dehumidifier are all available. It has been introduced in India for the first time, with affordable prices and low maintenance, after extensive research & development of 5 years.
  Quantity of product to be stored: 10 MT to 5000MT.
  Insulation of chamber 80 mm RPUF panels.
   Modular Cold Rooms
Ideal for stocking small quantities of food products or any other product needing a controlled temperature range from +10 Deg.C to -40 Deg.C
Modular cold rooms are appalicable for :
  1. Horticulture
Quality system helps products to retain its innate qualities, at the client's end. Flowers require specific temperature range, humidity levels, airflow speed and direction, and handling method for preservation. Mech Air designs storage rooms keeping all these parameters in mind. Research update discusses the utilization of food within a plant during respiration. As temperature increases, respiration also increases which in turn generates heat. In fact, if the cold chain is broken long enough to warm the flower to room temperature or above, the plant may continue to create heat through respiration even after it has been moved into the cooler. Thus its vase life gets affected. Mech Air ensures optimum conditioning of your products for transportation, thus increasing the vase life of flowers.
  2. Pharma
This industry cannot afford to gamble on products like vaccines and serums or any other precious medical products to the vicissitude of cold chain break down. The techniques and procedures used at Mech Air ensure that heat-sensitive biological products such as vaccines, sera, and antibiotics do not deteriorate in transit from the place where they areproduced to the patients and others who ultimately receive them. Strict and unfailing temperature control helps retain the characteristics of the medicines and vaccines. The critical nature of the products requires minute evaluation and analysis. Mandatory accreditations and approvals permit only the best to deal with this industry.
  3. Hotels
Hospitality sector needs preservation rooms which call for different dynamics and practicalities in handling objects of different smells and flavours. Catering to different tastes and specifications, here the stress is on preserving individual flavours and aromas. Among other things, Mech Air system takes care not to allow even a hint of a smell of one food to pass on another, which could put off guests for ever. It further provides guidance on details like how to manage and check coolers first thing in the morning when the cooler will be colder than at mid day after people have been in and out.
  4. Seafood
The variety in marine food products implies an assorted set of requirements. Separate temperature levels are required for fresh catch and processed seafood. Freshness is all about retaining the innate qualities of products from the time it is caught. Mech Air is your modern-day solution in environmental control for the transportation of fresh, perishable and heat sensitive products.
Precooling chambers
For fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Eggs & Mushrooms products, Fish & meat products
a. Forced Air Precooling Cap. 2MT to 10 MT and more...
b. Mobile Container type precooler 40 ft. & 20 ft container Cap. 2 MT to 5 MT
c. Hydrocooler 1. Continuous flow shower type : 200 kg/hr to 5000 kg/hr.
2. Batch type with product in bins : 200 kg/hr to 5000 kg/hr.
3. Continuous flow immersion type � 2000 kg/hr to 5000 kg/hr
Blast Freezer Chiller
For Fruits & Vegetables, marine products dairy products, blood plasma and many more
Walk-in-Cold Room
1. Milk products
2. Ice-Cream
3. Beef, Pork & Lamb
4. Flower
5. Meat
6. Fruits & Vegetable
7. Dry Fruits
8. Frozen- foods
9. Wine & Beer
10. Chemical & Pharmaceutical
11. Marine products and more.
Ripening chamber
For Banana, Mango, guava, papaya, tomatoes, capsicum, Citrus fruits, melons, plum, peach, Green chillies capsules, pharma industries.
Dehumidified Storage
For Vegetable seeds (Breeder, Germ plasm, Carry over, field crops (Low Humidity Chambers), Gelatine capsules, pharma industries.
Speciality Items
1. Onion Storage
2. Vaccum Freeze Drier
3. Cooling coil & condensers
4. Ethylene Gas generation system
5. Hot & Cold Room for Dahi & yoghurt storage.
6. Onion / Garlic Dehydration plant.
7. Food Processing plant on turnkey basis.
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